Brandon Oldenburg & Limbert Fabian

Department of Wonder

Immersive Experiential 

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in Sugar Land TX
An immersive theater experience. A mysterious lamp maker inside an old shop of curiosities invites visitors to adventure. Sending the audience into a wonderful world filled with exquisite stagecraft, whimsical performance and digital activations that capture the imagination.

Winner Best Storytelling Experience at Blooloop Awards 2023

Brandon Oldenburg and Limbert Fabian are InBetween, a director duo from Dallas, TX.  Focused in Animation and Interactive work.

Friends since teenagers. We were two fortunate 19 years olds in art school brought together by a mutual admiration for the people who made our favorite music videos, films and illustrations. Limbert from the Bronx and Brandon from Ft. Worth, an unlikely pair.
Fast forward 32 years later an Academy Award, four Emmys and multiple Cannes Lions including the Grand Prix are a few of the accolades shared between the two of us. We are agnostic to mediums or cutting edge technologies with the scars to prove it. We firmly place our feet with one foot in the past and one in the future. Nostalgia and Futurism, we thrive in the in-between. We manifest our stories through a seasoned discipline of balance, thus doing what’s best for the stories we tell.