Brandon Oldenburg & Limbert Fabian




Grandmother Opal is suffering from memory loss. her estranged granddaughter, Joey, is thrown into a universe within Opal’s mind that she must traverse in order to help finish what Opal started many years ago. It’s Big Fish meets Frequency in the form of a fantasy adventure set in suburbia.

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In a world where an 80s arcade game is the key to Earth's survival, a lonely teenager with the high score must use his skills to save the planet. But as he gets closer to the truth, he begins to realize that the game was tailor-made for him, and that he has always been the hope for our future, which is a lot more familiar than he expected.

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The Grave Robbers Mule.

A dark comedy set in early 1900’s New Orleans, we follow Burke, a Creole graverobber with a reckless streak. The last of his family, a misanthrope with a serious case of survivors guilt who discovers redemption through ridiculous dealings with the dead.

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The Book Is Always Better.

When a beloved children’s book character gets word that her story is being turned into a movie, she leaves the simple, flat life of literature for Hollywood stardom, in 3 dimensions. Her narcissitically motivated absence from the pages causes a dramatic drop in book sales, thus creating a domino effect throughout the entire publishing industry and reality! 

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Big Baby.

Big Baby, is a story about the trials and tribulations of being first-time parents. An old couple that had given up trying to have children, unexpectedly receive a giant-sized baby. Meanwhile on another planet, the giant baby’s adoptive parents erroneously receive a tiny baby.

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The discovery of a broken camera inside a highschool photography lab, pregnant with an undeveloped roll of film. Opens a portal to the past, literally. Invisible, the photo student can walk the halls of the 1920’s version of the school undetected, until one day. The same camera allows the original photographer to cross into the present day. Inciting a clever game of cat and mouse between the dimensionally crossed photographers. 

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Brandon Oldenburg and Limbert Fabian are InBetween, a director duo from Dallas, TX.  Focused in Animation and Interactive work.

Friends since teenagers. We were two fortunate 19 years olds in art school brought together by a mutual admiration for the people who made our favorite music videos, films and illustrations. Limbert from the Bronx and Brandon from Ft. Worth, an unlikely pair.
Fast forward 32 years later an Academy Award, four Emmys and multiple Cannes Lions including the Grand Prix are a few of the accolades shared between the two of us. We are agnostic to mediums or cutting edge technologies with the scars to prove it. We firmly place our feet with one foot in the past and one in the future. Nostalgia and Futurism, we thrive in the in-between. We manifest our stories through a seasoned discipline of balance, thus doing what’s best for the stories we tell.